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How to deal with excess or failed plating additives

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电镀添加剂 的镀液在使用了一定时间后,会有过量 添加剂 或分解产物的积累,形成 镀槽 中的有机杂质,对电镀带来危害,因此要定期处理 电镀 槽中的有机杂质。 After using a plating solution with a plating additive for a certain period of time, excessive additives or decomposition products will accumulate, forming organic impurities in the plating bath, which will bring harm to the plating. Therefore , the organic impurities in the plating bath should be regularly treated . When the coating is very bright, but the dispersing ability is not good, and it is easy to peel. When cracking occurs even in the high current region, it is mostly a manifestation of more organic impurities. Organic excess is completely removed.

Some processors have done everything according to the requirements of the processing technology, but they have not done it. 水处理 后,再加温,然后加入适量活性炭处理。 The main point is that the plating solution cannot be heated first. It should be treated with hydrogen peroxide , then heated, and then added with an appropriate amount of activated carbon. When there are many organic impurities, it should be treated with potassium permanganate. At this time, the pH value should be adjusted to 3, and then heated to 60 to 80 ° C, and potassium permanganate dissolved in advance should be added in an amount of 0.3 to 1.59 / L. After vigorous stirring, let it stand for more than 8 hours. pH to normal range. If the plating solution is red, it can be removed with hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, there is a type of organic contamination that is not sufficient to remove it. For example, organic impurities such as animal gums, and extracts from wax prototypes. The content of such impurities is only 0.01 to O.19 / L, which will cause peeling of the coating. At this time, tannic acid 0.03 ~ 0.059 / L should be added to the plating solution, flocs will appear after about 10 minutes, and after sufficient precipitation over 8 hours, it can be removed. With this treatment * plus activated carbon treatment, all organic impurities can be completely removed.

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