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Production of plating additives can effectively prevent product corrosion

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电镀添加剂 的产生可以有效的防止产品被 腐蚀 ,让金属以及 塑料 制品更结实耐用,而且还能让这些制品的外表更好看,也正因为如此才让电镀产品受到了很多人的青睐。 Electroplating is widely used in various industries, including industry, agriculture, transportation and technology and electronics. It is used in the manufacture of various daily necessities. The production of electroplating additives can effectively prevent products from being corroded and make metals and plastic products more effective. They are strong and durable, and they make the appearance of these products more beautiful, which is why they make electroplating products popular with many people.

The surface of a good electroplated product must be smooth and moist, and the surface layer must be fine, non-fading, non-rusting, and not peeling. In order to improve the performance and appearance of electroplated products, it is often necessary to add some electroplating additives during electroplating to improve its performance.

钝化 剂等,这些都是电镀 化工 原料,彩锌水是一种电镀 光亮剂 ,它可以增加镀锌层的光泽度,让产品更能抵抗腐蚀,不容易脱色,也不会轻易的刮花,色泽上也感觉更加艳丽。 Here we give an example. For example, in galvanized products, we often use color zinc water, blue zinc water, or black passivator . These are electroplating chemical raw materials. Color zinc water is a kind of electroplating bright Agent , which can increase the gloss of the galvanized layer, make the product more resistant to corrosion, not easy to discolor, not easy to scratch, and feel more beautiful in color. Blue zinc water can make the product more uniform and bright, and can also increase the anti-collision ability of the product. 氧化 作用。 The passivation agent can prevent oxidation .

It can be seen that the effects of different plating additives are different, but the use of plating additives requires a lot, including the concentration, temperature and pH of the solution need to be strictly controlled, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

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