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Shelf life and storage method of plating additives

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Electroplating additives have a shelf life. For proper glossing and reasonable production process, most of the storage time can be long, and there will be no problems in 2 to 3 years. However, some glossing agents may be due to the use of raw materials or The composition is too complicated, and the storage period will be shortened, only about one year. Both the manufacturers and users of electroplated gloss agents will be very concerned about such issues, so a certain method is needed to judge the shelf life of the gloss agents. Because there is no suitable aging test method, the storage test of the gloss agent can only be verified by natural storage time. The key is the sampling method and the verification method. For the manufacturer, each batch of gloss agent is sampled three times and bottled with a batch marked with the date, stored, and tested once a year or half a year for solubility test and Hall groove test to determine its eligibility. . After the storage period, if no deterioration occurs, the storage period of this gloss agent is reliable.

The user can also sample and store the gloss agent purchased every time, and conduct regular inspections. If problems are found, communicate with the supplier in a timely manner. If you cannot continue to use them, stop using them, and ask the supplier to send technical service personnel to correct or Exchange.

Methods for Preserving Electroplating Additives

Electroplating additives are mostly water-based, and their components are mostly organic hydrates, so there is a possibility of decomposition or sedimentation after a certain period of time or due to environmental changes. 电镀 添加剂,存在一个保质期限,使保存添加剂的工作主要以保存期为主线。 Therefore, there is a shelf life for organic plating additives, so that the work of preserving additives is mainly based on the shelf life. The following points should usually be noted:

1.Confirmation of production time and storage period

Before the product is put into the warehouse, the production date and the expiration date must be confirmed. For those without a mark or the mark is unclear, the relevant parties should be queried, and the product can be put into the warehouse after confirmation. At the same time, the storage area is marked according to the expiration date or time, and is managed on a first-in, first-out basis. The storage should be convenient to access the additives with short remaining time to prevent expiration or failure due to long storage time.

2.Basic requirements for storage environment

Storage requires proper temperature and keeps dry and ventilated. Packing drums without outer boxes cannot be stacked more than three layers to prevent cracking and leakage of packing drums caused by pressure deformation. Keep away from direct sunlight and keep the room well ventilated. Floor * with tray bottom.

3. There is a processing flow for critical period and expired additives

For additives near the expiration date, samples should be taken for Hall groove test before use, and they can be used only after they are determined to be effective. For expired additives, the Hall groove test can also be used to determine whether they are still effective. If the test still proves effective, you can continue to use it. 添加剂 的产品进行标识,做到可以追溯。 However, relevant experimental records must be recorded, and the products using such additives must be identified to be traceable.

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