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How to add plating additives and precautions

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添加剂 是针对消耗掉的添加而言的,因此,在补加添加剂之前要知道消耗了多少添加剂的定量信息。 Supplemental additives are for the consumption that has been consumed, so it is necessary to know the quantitative information of how many additives are consumed before adding the additives. At the same time, there should be a record of the amount of additives added. Use this as the basic basis for addition. The specific supplement depends on what kind of additives and equipment conditions are used.

If it is a purchased commercial additive, the supplier indicates the consumption of the additive on the product specification, which is usually expressed in milliliter (ml) per thousand ampere hours (KA.H), that is, the unit is ml / KA.H. The common consumption is between 150-250ml / KA.H. 镀槽 电源 设备上安装安培小时计,根据通过的电量可以计算出消耗量,并且还要加上镀液带出的工艺消耗量(有时可以忽略不计)。 To determine how much additive is consumed , an ampere-hour meter should be installed on the power equipment of the working plating tank . The consumption can be calculated based on the electricity passed, and the process consumption brought out by the plating solution (sometimes negligible) ). Add additives based on this consumption.

If you make your own additives, you need to find ways to determine their consumption. It is then tested and supplemented as a commercial additive.

电镀 所用的电流密度和电镀时间来计算出消耗的安培小时数,然后再进行按量补加。 In another case, the plating tank is not equipped with an ampere-hour meter. At this time, the ampere-hours consumed should be calculated according to the area of the plated part , the current density used for plating and the plating time, and then added by the amount.

As a parallel monitoring method, after calculating the replenishment amount, you should use the Hall slot to perform the replenishment effect experiment according to the calculated amount before replenishment, and make sure that the replenishment is performed in the working slot.

It is worth noting that in the actual production process, experienced engineers often do not wait for the additive to be completely consumed before adding it, but when 1/3 to 1/2 are consumed, the additive should be added in this amount. . And when it reaches a certain amount, because of the accumulation of decomposition products and other problems, the plating solution must also be subjected to a large treatment (also called carbon treatment), that is, the remaining organic additives and residues in the plating solution are treated with hydrogen peroxide and activated carbon powder. Remove and re-add additives. At the same time, the effect of additives in the plating solution should be checked regularly using the Hall groove test. This is more intuitive and effective than just blindly managing ampere-hours. At present, most electroplating plants use the combination of ampere-hour addition and the Hall cell test to manage the additives in the plating solution.

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