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Talking about the brittleness caused by nickel plating additives

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镀镍 层脆性的平衡 1.Brittleness balance of nickel plating

电镀添加剂 或添加剂分解产物在镀层中夹杂。 There are many factors that cause the brittleness of the coating. One important factor is the inclusion of plating additives or additive decomposition products in the coating. Due to different ways of incorporation, the plating layer will cause compressive or tensile stress on the substrate, respectively. 镀镍添加剂 的应力,需要对镀镍添加剂 中间体 有所了解,在需要的时候还要通过测试来确定某种成分的中间体或组合的添加剂产生应力的方向。 At the same time, the plating layer will become hard due to the inclusion of impurities, and the harder the plating layer, the greater the stress effect. To balance the stress of the nickel plating additive , it is necessary to understand the nickel plating additive intermediate and pass it when needed. Testing to determine the direction of stress of an ingredient's intermediate or combination of additives.

It is necessary to use additives that generate tensile and compressive stress in order to obtain a low-stress coating, and sometimes even make the stress zero. For example, it is generally believed that the tensile stress generated by alcohol additives, the inclusion of its decomposition products in the plating layer causes the plating layer to extend in a two-dimensional direction on the surface of the substrate. In the stress test, the surface is a test piece bent to the side without the plating layer. Performance of tensile stress. The opposite is compressive stress. The addition of saccharin can cause compressive stress to the plating layer, thereby adjusting the internal stress of the nickel plating layer and reducing the brittleness of the plating layer.

2.Brittleness test of nickel plating

The brittleness of nickel plating is largely caused by additives. Therefore, different nickel plating additives can cause internal stresses of different sizes and directions. When this force is out of balance, the surface is coated with brittleness. 添加剂 ,在相同的工艺操作条件下镀出试片,再对这些试片进行镀层脆性测试,所应用的方法可采用本站前面所介绍的方法进行测试,主要有杯突法、弯曲法、缠绕法等。 To test the different brittleness caused by different additives, it is necessary to use the same test piece (including material, thickness, and surface state) in the same basic plating solution, but with different additives and plating under the same process operating conditions. Take out the test pieces, and then perform plating brittleness test on these test pieces. The methods used can be tested by the methods introduced earlier on this site, including the cup protrusion method, bending method, and winding method.

You can also test the microhardness of the coating and compare the performance of the coating. At the site of the plating work, sometimes a simple method is used to test the brittleness of the coating in order to immediately correct the brittleness of the coating caused by improper use and management of the plating solution.

电镀 工作现场是很少用到的。 The cup burst test is an instrumental test method and a semi-quantitative test. Because it requires professional equipment and the preparation of standard test pieces, it is rarely used at the plating work site. Commonly used methods at the scene are the bending method and the winding method. There is also a simple bending method to clamp the coated test piece to a vise. In order to prevent the jaw from hurting the test piece, you can place a soft piece such as cloth on the jaw pad, and then bend the test piece 90 ° until the test piece breaks. until. Another convenient method is to take round rods of different diameters and wind them with plated iron or copper wire. Usually, they are wound ten or more times. Use a magnifying glass to observe the cracking of the surface coating. If there is no crack in a certain diameter, a round rod with a smaller diameter is used instead. The smaller the diameter passed, the smaller the brittleness of the coating. * The simple method is to bend the plated test piece by the ear and bend it, and listen to the sound when it is found to be deformed. The greater the brittleness, the louder the sound of deformation and brittleness. This method is very rough, and the test piece must be thin and rigid.

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