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How plating additives are classified

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添加剂 的分类,从其原料性质和化学结构的角度,可以分为无机添加剂和有机添加剂两大类,现在主要是有机添加剂。 The classification of electroplating additives can be divided into two categories, inorganic additives and organic additives, from the perspective of their raw material properties and chemical structure. Currently, they are mainly organic additives. Therefore, it is not particularly pointed out that what we call electroplating additives refers to organic additives. 光亮剂 和二次 光亮剂 ,而从电镀添加剂的功能来分,又可分为光亮剂、整平剂、走位剂、柔软剂、抗针孔剂、抗 氧化 剂、稳定剂。 It can be classified according to its principle of action, and can be divided into primary brightener and secondary brightener , and from the function of electroplating additives, it can be divided into brightener, leveling agent, positioning agent, softener, and anti-pinhole agent , Antioxidants , stabilizers. Brighteners can also be classified as main brighteners, auxiliary brighteners, and softeners. 镀镍 的沙面剂、黑色镀层的发黑剂等,属于功能性镀层添加剂。 For some special plating types, additives dedicated to this process will also be developed. These additives will be classified under special names, such as sand surface nickel plating sanding agent, black plating blackening agent, etc., which are functional Coating additives.

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