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What is the working mechanism of plating additives?

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在电场作用下基本都参与了电极过程,对金属的电结晶过程有着这样那样的影响。 Electroplating additives are basically involved in the electrode process under the action of an electric field, and have various effects on the electrocrystallization process of the metal. Electroplating additives can be divided into inorganic additives and organic additives according to their own chemical properties and structure. Organic additives are now the main type. For inorganic additives, especially various metal salts, because they are typical metal cations, they must participate in the electrochemical reduction on the cathode, thereby participating in the electrocrystallization process, affecting the crystalline structure of the coating or forming a microalloy state, and ultimately improving the coating's properties. Performance, such as hardness, brightness, etc.

The co-deposition of inorganic additives and metal plating is not entirely due to alloying, and sometimes affects potential changes and the formation of crystal nuclei. Obviously, when the polarization or nucleation is increased, the coating can be refined. 普遍接受的表面吸附说。 There are various theories and hypotheses about the mechanism of organic additives in the electroplating process. The surface adsorption theory is now generally accepted. That is, organic additives are adsorbed on the surface of the electrode, and while reducing the reduction of metal ions, the number of nucleation of metal crystals increases and the growth rate slows down, so that the crystals are refined and a bright effect is achieved. The potential of the metal reduction electrode of the plating solution added with organic additives will have different degrees of negative shift, which proves that the metal reduction process is suppressed to a certain extent.

中间体 技术的进步,对于不同基团在电极表面的行为的研究也进一步深入,发现电镀添加剂根据其作用基本上可以分为两类,并且都含有不饱和键。 With the advancement of plating additive intermediate technology, the research on the behavior of different groups on the electrode surface has been further deepened. It is found that plating additives can be basically divided into two types according to their functions, and both contain unsaturated bonds. 光亮剂 ,另一类叫次级 光亮剂 ,但是这种作用不是*的,当与之配伍的添加剂成分发生改变时,他们的作用也相应发生变化。 One type is called primary brightener , and the other is called secondary brightener , but this effect is not *. When the compatibilizing additive component changes, their effect will change accordingly.

Studies have shown that while organic additives are adsorbed on the surface, they also participate in the reaction of the electrode and reduce. This is the decomposition of organic additives. Part of the decomposition products enters the coating, which increases the hardness of the coating, some internal stress occurs, and some enter the plating solution And become organic impurities. Because different decomposition products have different effects on the crystallization of the coating, the direction of the generated stress is also different. It is this difference that makes it possible to use different additives to eliminate the internal stress generated.

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