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The role and amount of chloride ion in acid copper plating

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镀铜 中不可缺少的 添加剂 ,同时它的含量又有严格的控制,一般含量在40~80ppm(mg/L)。 Chloride ion is an indispensable additive in acid bright copper plating . At the same time, its content is strictly controlled. The general content is 40 ~ 80ppm (mg / L). 硫酸 盐酸 性镀铜中加入适当量的氯离子改变了吸附络合物的放电形式,表现在氯离子通过离子桥机理形成三维网状结构并参与放电,从而阻滞铜离子的放电过程,控制了铜结晶和成长的速率,从而使镀层表现出很好的性能。 Studies on the effects of electrochemical testing methods such as rotating disk electrode dynamic potential scanning on the electrodeposition process of acidic copper plating show that the addition of an appropriate amount of chloride ions to the sulfuric acid -hydrochloride copper plating changes the discharge form of the adsorption complex, manifested in chlorine The ions form a three-dimensional network structure through the ion bridge mechanism and participate in the discharge, thereby blocking the discharge process of copper ions, controlling the rate of copper crystallization and growth, so that the coating shows good performance.

Without this effect of chloride ions, the leveling performance and brightness of the plating solution will be reduced, and a bark-like coating is liable to occur. 光亮剂 的消耗。 However, if the amount of added chloride ions is too large, the brightness of the plating layer will also decrease, and the consumption of brightener will increase .

电子 从电极导向铜离子,提高电极表面铜离子的浓度,减小阴极区双电层电容和降低活化极化,有利于晶核的生长,可得到较粗的晶粒,有利于消除镀层的应力。 The presence of chloride ions in acid copper plating will cause the open circuit potential of acid copper plating to shift by about 10mv, which will help electrons to lead from the electrode to copper ions, increase the concentration of copper ions on the electrode surface, reduce the electric double layer capacitance in the cathode region, and reduce activation. Polarization is conducive to the growth of crystal nuclei, coarser grains can be obtained, and it is beneficial to eliminate the stress of the coating.

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