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Talking about the brittleness caused by nickel plating additives [2019-11-27 16:49:00]
1. The balance of brittleness of the nickel plating layer There are many factors that cause the brittleness of the plating layer. One of the important factors is the inclusion of plating additives or additive decomposition products in the plating layer. Due to the different ways of incorporation, the plating layer will cause compressive stress or tensile stress on the substrate ...
How are electroplating additives classified [2019-11-27 16:49:00]
The classification of electroplating additives can be divided into two categories, inorganic additives and organic additives, from the perspective of their raw material properties and chemical structure. Currently, they are mainly organic additives. Therefore, without specifically pointing out, what everyone calls electroplating additives refers to organic addition ...
Auxiliary brightener: Effect on bright nickel plating solution and additives [2019-11-27 16:46:00]
In the past, only one primary brightener and one secondary brightener were combined to form a group of nickel-plated brighteners. Such as saccharin with butynediol is a typical example. But things are constantly evolving and will never stop at one level. With the quality requirements of ...
What is the working mechanism of plating additives? [2019-11-27 16:45:00]
Electroplating additives are basically involved in the electrode process under the action of an electric field, and have various effects on the electrocrystallization process of the metal. Electroplating additives can be divided into inorganic and organic additives according to their own chemical properties and structure.
The role and amount of chloride ion in acid copper plating [2019-11-27 16:43:00]
Chloride ion is an indispensable additive in acid bright copper plating. At the same time, its content is strictly controlled. The general content is 40 ~ 80ppm (mg / L). Study on the Effect of Electrochemical Testing Methods such as Rotating Disk Electrode Potential Scanning on Acid Copper Plating ...
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