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Progress of magnesium alloy surface treatment technology [2019-11-28 09:00:23]
1 electroplating and electroless plating technology The technology of nickel plating on the surface of magnesium alloy is divided into electroplating and electroless plating. Because magnesium alloys have high chemical activity and are easily corroded in acidic solutions, there are significant differences between magnesium alloy electrodeposition technology and aluminum alloy electrodeposition technology. Currently, Mg ...
Application of magnesium alloy electroplating process [2019-11-28 08:59:38]
Magnesium alloy electroplating has a wide market demand. The process has now gone out of the laboratory and has been put into mass production. The qualification rate has reached more than 90%, but large-scale promotion is still difficult. This article starts from process technology, production management, technological re-innovation process, social support of common technology ...
Research and discussion of acid copper intermediates [2019-11-28 08:58:00]
1. Carrier: The carrier is an extremely important intermediate in the acid copper formula. A good carrier must have both functions, leveling and positioning. The leveling is too weak, the consumption of agent A is large, and the coating is not bright. Some carriers have good leveling properties, such as 4, PEG, etc., but it ...
How to deal with excess or invalid plating additives [2019-11-27 10:08:04]
After using a plating solution with a plating additive for a certain period of time, excessive additives or decomposition products will accumulate, forming organic impurities in the plating bath, which will bring harm to the plating. Therefore, the organic impurities in the plating bath should be regularly treated. When the coating is bright, but the dispersion ability ...
Analysis on the efficacy and principle of electroplating additives [2019-11-27 10:07:18]
Classification and introduction of electroplating additives: Electroplating additives include inorganic additives (such as cadmium salts for copper plating) and organic additives (such as coumarin for nickel plating). Most of the plating additives used in the early days were inorganic salts, and then organic ...
The production of plating additives can effectively prevent the product from being corroded [2019-11-27 10:06:43]
Electroplating is widely used in various industries, including industry, agriculture, transportation and technology and electronics. It is used in the manufacture of various daily necessities. The production of electroplating additives can effectively prevent products from being corroded and make metals and plastic products more effective. Robust ...
Shelf life and storage method of plating additives [2019-11-27 10:05:40]
Electroplating additives have a shelf life. For the proper ratio and reasonable production process, most of the storage time can be long, and there will be no problems in 2 to 3 years. The ingredients are too complicated and its storage ...
Talking about the brittleness caused by nickel plating additives [2019-11-27 16:49:00]
1. The balance of brittleness of the nickel plating layer There are many factors that cause the brittleness of the plating layer. One of the important factors is the inclusion of plating additives or additive decomposition products in the plating layer. Due to the different ways of incorporation, the plating layer will cause compressive stress or tensile stress on the substrate ...
How are electroplating additives classified [2019-11-27 16:49:00]
The classification of electroplating additives can be divided into two categories, inorganic additives and organic additives, from the perspective of their raw material properties and chemical structure. Currently, they are mainly organic additives. Therefore, without specifically pointing out, what everyone calls electroplating additives refers to organic addition ...
How to add plating additives and precautions [2019-11-27 16:48:00]
Supplemental additives are for the consumption that has been consumed, so it is necessary to know the quantitative information of how many additives are consumed before adding the additives. At the same time, there should be a record of the amount of additives added. Use this as the basic basis for addition. The specific supplement depends on what is used ...
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