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Dongguan Anhao Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Anhao Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Anhao Chemical Materials Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Anhao Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. brings together advanced technologies from Germany, the United States and Japan, and uses cutting-edge technology and rich experience. After years of hard work, continuous innovation and technological improvement and verification, a series of functional and decorative high-quality products have matured. Electroplating additives, acid copper intermediates, magnesium alloy plating series, in order to enable customers to effectively enhance market competitiveness and provide better products for each consumer market. With global warming, environmental protection has become a key improvement project in various countries. Anhao takes environmental protection as its responsibility and implements the principle of sustainable development. The goal is to grasp the future business needs of customers, keep abreast of the market and provide comprehensive solutions to create a new environmental protection field for the electroplating industry.

                ① Copper acid high-quality dye intermediate

Special Promotion:

                ② The whole series of pretreatment of magnesium aluminum alloy plating

Anhao Asia Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong, China, serving customers all over the world. It has multiple production factories, service departments and joint ventures in various parts of the world (including mainland China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand), responsible for sales, promotion and distribution. Imported and locally produced products.

An Hao aims to be people-oriented. Today, we have a high-quality professional technical and sales team. We will be able to assist you in the optimization of the process and the design of the production line, with scientific data and on-site experience, to provide quality services.

86)769 82380518/0538/0568 销售部联络。 For more information, please call ( 86) 769 82380518/0538/0568 sales department.

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